In 2007 Natasha set up Gone Rural UK with the objective of bringing the Gone Rural collection to Britain. Few retailers or potential customers were aware of the Swazi women's talents and the products they could purchase.

Natasha was first introduced to Gone Rural when she purchased her first set of placemats from the GR store in Swazi. She was filled with the pleasure of knowing that she had bought a beautiful gift, stunning in design as well as rich in its woven tapestry of tales. During Natasha's trip she came to assist at Gone Rural and experienced first hand the joy she was given in purchasing her placemats was equally felt by the rural women. Each purchase giving empowerment and stability to each and every of the 750 women that Gone Rural work with.

At the start of 2011 Gone Rural was launched in John Lewis, Britain’s leading homeware supplier and English homes are being filled with the sweet smelling smell of the lutindiz grass.

Its now with complete pleasure we launch our online store, giving you more you more variety and accessibility to the Gone Rural products!!